Cards to give you ideas

As you are well aware. It is impossible to do a tutorial on every single thing you make unless it is your full time job. While searching through card designs I’ve thought up, An idea popped into my head. What if I showcased the cards in one post and my loyal readers could tell me if they wanted a certain card to become a tutorial. So here they are. Ill put a name above each card and you can feel free to let me know which ones a tutorial would be wanted for.

Coffee House Mouse

Amazing Dragonflies

Sunflower Anniversary

Into the woods pumpkin spice

Plaid Christmas

Witch Candy

Witch Candy Shaker

Awesome Everyday

Here for you 1

Here for you 2

Sending you love

So Grateful Wreath card

Let Hope

Hopping By 🐰🐰

Spring Daisies

Hello Shaker

Great Kindness

You are Amazing

Hello Ghost Stamp shaker

Hello Background

Hello Eclipse Card

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