Easy Organization

If you are like me, in order to stay focused and on task you must have every thing in its place and an organized work space. 

Some people can work wherever they sit down. I envy their talent because i sure do not have this ability. 

Nine times out of ten once I go to sit down to craft I spend atleast an hour organizing before I can even begin. Along the way, I found some easy tips and tricks that are budget friendly and look amazing. 

Note: These tips mainly focus on craft organization but can be used for just about anything. The possibilities are endless with just a bit of imagination and a whole lot of ” want to”

Tip one: Marker storage

Marker storage is one of those things that can be incredibly easy or incredibly annoying. Most craft markers need to be stored laying on their side in order to maintain proper ink supply to both ends of the marker. Once a marker tip dries out it can be a nuisance to get back into working order again. 

I found that these small crates work best and snap together nicely. I bought these at Michaels on sale for a dollar each but they can be found at other stores such as Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, and online. 

Not only do they keep my markers safely stored on their side but they also keep them up front and accessible when im crafting. 

Tip two: Lable Everything 

No lie ladies and Gents, my spice rack has less labels than my craft room. To me having everything labeled just makes sense. I no longer have to go searching through all my boxes for that one tiny object I need. I know exactly what is in each space without me having to sort through and make a mess in the process. 

The labeler I use is the P-touch by Brother. It is very simple to use and is not very costly to start off. They average in price around $30 at Staples and coupons can be applied to them. I bought mine for $19 dollars after coupon. 

Tip Three: Have a quick bin

I use the bottom of a beanie babie show case for my ” quick Bin” instead of throwing scraps on my table or even having pieces fall onto the table while I cut, I use this bin. The bin catches all my clippings and can be dumped out, making for an easy clean up. 

Tip four:  Store your stamps in clear bags

Nothing infuriates me more than items all over the place in many different sizes. To keep a uniform and neat yet functional stamp bin I bought these clear bags. They are pretty reasonable considering you get packs of 100 for $9 on simon says stamp. I bought these with the intent to use them for shaker cards as well but quickly realized how many stamp sets I have when the bags were all gone and I was still reaching for more. 

Sturdiness: To give the storage some sturdiness I simply cut up some basic cheap white card stock from my local craft store and slid the card stock inside the bags. 

I then got out my Brother label machine ( as pictured above) and labeled them by brand and name. Now im that crazy over achiever in organization that even took down the numbers that the company uses to identify the product and labeled it on the back of the bag. Will I ever need it? Idk but if I ever did I sure would be glad to have it. 

Next I organized my stamps by brand and put them in dresser organizing bins found at marshalls for a couple bucks each. 

I had a hard time coming across anything that worked as a divider for the bin. The first issue i came across was the length the divider needed to be in order for me to even see it. The next issue was finding something sturdy enough but not super heavy so that I can move my bin around with me. 

Thats when I came across the Jennifer Mcguire Ink. (I really am a fan of her work) video about organizing her craft space ( linked below ) . She is a organizing genius. 

Jennifer Mcguire ink: stamp and die storage 

After watching the video I rushed right out to walmart bought some plastic 50¢ folders and quickly and easily made my own dividers.

My kids came down stairs just in time to see me taking my big scissors to these plastic folders. My son even questioned why in the world was I destroying such a good folder. Once I was done he understood but I get the feeling hes still in shock. 

Once all my dividers were in place and labeled I took my Crop-a-dile to the corners and rounded them out, ridding them of all sharp edges. ( Crop-A-dile pictured below) 

Be sure to look out for my next organizational blog post ( coming soon) 

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. You can find the link to email me on my home page of this blog. 

Happy Crafting! 

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